The Bumper Of Inflatable Bumper Cars

As the material technology developed very fast, the bumpers of traditional bumper cars also changed. The traditional bumper car bumper is made of a thick rubber ring. The advantage of rubber is the rubber elasticity can meet the need of a safe crashing. But there is a problem: how do we maintain these rubbers that can easily get gaps from crashing?

The answer is not easy, but we can solve this problem in a other way, try to think as this: can we use a other type of material as the bumper car bumper? The answer is yes.

pvc inflatable bumper cars

Why we use PVC

PVC, short for Poly Vinyl Chloride,   was accidentally synthesized by a German chemist in 1872, then its unique characters were soon discovered by people and used in many fields. With the refining and changing of this material, finally it became  mature.

The PVC material has been used as bumper car bumpers for years, the features are remarkable: longer  service life, safer, great shapes and appearances. The inflatable PVC bumper cars has fully satisfied the customers’ needs according to the reaction of amusement rides markets. No matter which country are you in, the inflatable PVC bumper cars always cause the interests of so many people.

When you drive a inflatable bumper car at the fair, you may feel so cool, because every inflatable bumper car use two sticks as its operation system, each of which matches a hand of a person, seems like you are in a future war while you are driving this cool thing. After all, enjoy your bumper cars!

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Why Indoor Carousels Are Good Choices For Amusement Parks

When most people think of amusement parks, they think about summer vacations and large crowds. While going on a roller coaster or other rides can be a lot of fun, it can also be a rather hot and sweaty experience. If you do not like spending hours in the sun, this may not be your idea of a good time.

Indoor carousels from Beston

Fortunately, there are ways that you can still have fun at an amusement park without having to worry about getting sunburned or overheated. Many amusement parks have started installing indoor rides. Obviously, you cannot fit an entire roller coaster in a building, but there are many types of rides that can easily be housed indoors.

For example, indoor carousels are quite popular. These rides are easily small enough to fit inside a building. You and your kids can ride in comfort without having to stand for hours in the hot sun. This makes it easy to have a good time without worrying about your health or the health of your kids. Click indoor carousels for sale for more information.

These rides are also good choices for parts of the country that experience cold weather during parts of the year. Few people want to stand outside during the winter, or ride a roller coaster when there is snow on the ground. With an indoor ride like a carousel equipment, kids excavator ride, or a human gyroscope indoor ride for sale in the amusement manufacturer, there will still be some way to have fun at an amusement park.

Colorful indoor ocean carousels for sale

These indoor carousels are a great option, both for families and for amusement park operators. It is always nice when interest coincide. If you are just interested in visiting the park and going on some rides, but you do not want to get hot and sweaty, look for a park that features indoor rides. This way, you can still enjoy yourself.

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Recycling Of Tires Helps the Environment

Science and technology has not been able to make car tires last as long as the car and this means that car tires need to be constantly replaced. Car tires get worn out or damaged and then become a recycling nightmare. Buy waste tire recycling plant here.Rubber does not degrade easily and this is why they are banned from landfills. Burning old tires can release toxic substances like arsenic, chromium, mercury and other substances which were added to the rubber during the original manufacturing process.
That is the reason that the recycling of old tires has become of great importance. One of the ways of recycling tires is to send them to a recycling facility that makes retreaded tires out of them, which are only slightly inferior to the new tires and available at much lower rates. Find more information about the pyrolysis plants manufacturer here.This does not require a very high degree of technology and you will find such retreading facilities available in almost all countries, irrespective of their state of technological development. It is estimated that one in four tires go through this process and thus reduces the environmental damage from tires.

waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant

waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant

It is also possible to shred the tires and use them to make rubberized asphalt that has shown to be of very good use for roads and highways. They are also used in road construction as a substitute for road gravel and actually make for roads that are much more comfortable to drive on. They can also be used as surfacing material for tennis and other playing courts. The low cost of old tires make all this uses a very good alternative, which reduces capital costs while it does its bit for the environment. Tires are still burnt to recycle some of the raw materials used in their manufacture, but the process has used technology to reduce any ill effects of this burning. The process used is call pyrolysis and burns the rubber in near vacuum or with reduced air and this allows steel, oil, carbon and combustible gas to be produced. A typical tire will have 12 pounds of rubber, 4 pounds of fiber and 6 pounds of steel. The rubber extracted is used for flooring, road and playfield construction and other things. Check the cost of tyre pyrolysis plant here.

Old tires have also been used innovatively to make green buildings both as private residences and public buildings. They have also been cut up and used as mulch for garden beds, and this helps to hold the water and prevent the growth of weeds. You will find old tires being used as protection for sides of boats so that they act as a cushion during docking operations. They can also be of great use for making barriers for erosion control, to combat wave action, and as sound barriers. Filling the tires with earth allows for the making of very durable retaining walls, where cost is an issue. Old tires have also been used to create artificial reefs and as homes for fish in ponds and water bodies. They are also made into sandals in poorer countries. Why not go to visit

Three Innovative Ways To Reuse Old Tires

Even the most environmentally conscious person is often at a lost when it comes to getting rid of or recycling their old tires. They’re large, made out of materials you can’t just get rid of, and have a habit of cluttering up the yard if you try to forget about them. Having someone pick them up for recycling costs money. What can you do? Look at more information about waste tire recycling plant.

waste tires pyrolysis

There are some innovative ways to reuse your old tires. Whether you just had to change yours out or you’ve had them sitting in your yard for five years, the list below will get you started on the road to recycling those big pieces of rubber.  High-quality Beston rubber recycling plant  now.

Playground Fun

Have kids? Now’s a great time to give them some fun things to play on in the backyard. If your old tires are still in relatively firm, safe condition you can quickly turn them into play equipment. Think back to your own childhood. What did you enjoy playing on? Almost every person has memories of an old-fashion tire swing hanging from a strong tree.

But the fun doesn’t stop at swings. Cut the tires in half and bury them vertically in the yard, creating leapfrog bumps or balance boosters. Paint them in bright, festive colors to make them more child friendly. We bet that the moment your kids see them they’ll be biting at the chomp to take them for a spin.

Recycling Machine For WasteTire

Gardener’s Delight

Old tires make excellent planters. Turn them over in a special corner of their yard, fill them up with soil, and get to planting! Like with the playground idea, you can paint the tires in any color you want, either as a way to accent your plants or as a way to bring some punch into your yard. Either way, old tires make excellent planters for flowers, small bushes, and even some vegetables. But the tire will pollute your garden. Contact us to get the ideal method.

Doing your garden up this way gives you a lot of room while also containing your plants. Know right away which planter is what and never again wonder how you’re going to keep some of your more unruly plants under control. Tires do that for you!


Believe it or not, you can turn your old tires into functional, beautiful furniture whether for your living room or the patio. With some creativity, you can transform that old tire into a fantastic coffee table. This is a project that’s perfect for those who like to work with their hands and see a dramatic transformation.

Some furniture ideas include: coffee tables, end tables, desks, counters, chairs, loveseats, and anything else you can dream up. Truly, your imagination is the limit when it comes to repurposing those old tires into something truly great.

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The Many Advantages of the Compact Wheel Loader

When buying construction equipment, every aspect of a purchase must be scrutinized. This is especially true when it comes to front loading machinery. There are two types of equipment that can do the job well: the skid steer loader and a compact wheel loader. But which one is the best buy?

For many people, affordability is the deciding factor. On the surface, a skid steer loader may look more cost efficient than a wheel loader. Wheel loaders have expensive parts, which they can cost companies more when they are used.

Compact wheel loaders also have a greater upfront purchase price. The cost of undercarriage components makes wheel loaders significantly more expensive than their competition. The combination of these two things can make wheel loaders seem far less appealing to purchases.

However, these things are only one small piece of the puzzle. A compact loader offers a number of benefits that can justify its cost, and can even wind up saving businesses money.

One of the biggest advantages of a compact loader is that in can increase productivity. They’re easier to operate and have a greater bucket capacity, which means they can move much more material. You’ll be able to get much more work done with a bucket wheel loader.

compact wheel loader
Skid steer loaders will also need their tires replaced more frequently. Because of the way they operate, their tires will be subject to a lot of wear and tear. Tires are a big expense, and that cost can really add up over time.

That said, solid wheel loader tires tend to be significantly more expensive. In fact, they’re the single most expensive replacement item. The savings may not wind up being as significant as they might seem on the surface.

Compact wheel loaders do offer another very impressive advantage — their durability. These are heavy pieces of equipment, and they’re really built to last. If users take the time to care for their equipment properly, they can keep using a machine for front-line work for 10 years. Beyond that, they can still use it for the occasional job.

Their durability also means that they’re far less likely to become damaged. Accidents are going to happen, no matter how much you do to prevent them. It’s good to have equipment that can survive those minor mishaps without problems. The weight of the compact loader means it can survive almost anything.

Compact loaders also allow users to work in less than ideal conditions. A skid steer loader is virtually unusable on muddy or snowy terrain, but a compact loader can be used in all kinds of conditions. Snow shovel wheel loader is a good example. It’s worth paying more for a piece of machinery you’ll always be able to rely on.

As you can see, there are all kinds of advantages offered by compact wheel loaders. They’re an excellent piece of equipment that offers all kinds of value. They may seem expensive on the surface, but they can save users money in a number of ways.

Simple Classification of Concrete Mixer

Classification of concrete mixersConcrete mixer is a machine that can mix sand, stones, aggregates and water etc. raw materials into concrete mixture. There are numerous types of concrete mixers in the market. We can classify them in the following methods.

First, according to the power source of concrete mixers, they can be divided into diesel powered concrete mixer and electric powered concrete mixer. Diesel concrete mixer is especially suitable for those regions lacking of electricity.

Second, according to the movability of concrete mixers, we can classify them into fixed concrete mixers and portable concrete mixers. As the name suggests, fixed concrete mixer is fixed on a basis and its stationary, it has high efficiency and can be adopted in concrete batch plant, so it is widely applied to large size construction projects that need a long term to accomplish. On the contrary, portable concrete mixer is easy to move, they are widely used in small size construction site that need a short term to finish.

Third, according to the mixing principle of concrete mixers, they can be classified into self falling concrete mixer and forced concrete mixer. Self falling concrete mixer takes advantage of the raw materials’ weight during the mixing process. Self falling concrete mixers often are drum concrete mixers with small size, and they can be used to mix plastic concrete and semi-plastic concrete. Forced concrete mixer adopts forced mixing and its mixing effect is very strong, it has good mixing effect and high efficiency. Usually, it is adopted in a concrete batch plant. Forced concrete mixer is suitable for mixing hard dry concrete.

concrete mixer drumsForth, according to the operation mode of concrete mixers, they can be divided into continuous concrete mixer and circulating concrete mixer. Materials supply, mixing process and concrete discharge are conducted continuously in a long drum of continuous concrete mixer. The materials ratio and mixing time of continuous concrete mixer are hard to control and its mixing effect is not very good, so continuous concrete mixer is seldom used in modern construction. As for circulating concrete mixer, materials supply, mixing process and product discharge are separated with certain time interval. It has accurate weighing and good mixing effect. Therefore, most concrete mixers adopt circulating operation mode.

Fifth, according to the discharge mode of concrete mixers, they are divided into tilting type concrete mixer and non-tilting type concrete mixer.

Sixth, according to the shapes of concrete mixer drums, we can divide them into drum concrete mixer, double-conic concrete mixer, vertical shaft concrete mixer and horizontal shaft concrete mixer.

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