How To Properly Operate A 5 Ton Electric Winch

A 5 ton electric winch has immense power. It must be used properly and safely to avoid injuries. You can easily damage your winch and the item you are trying to move if you do not operate the winch correctly.

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The first item we often see overlooked with a new winch is re-spooling the cable or rope. The rope on a new winch is not tightly cinched to the drum like happens when it is put under load. You should first completely unwind the rope from the winch, put it under load, and then use the winch’s electric power to rewind the rope. It is not critical that you do it at high weights, but make sure it is enough load to keep consistent tension on the rope.

As you rewind the rope, make sure it winds properly onto the drum. You do not want the rope to gather to one side. You want it to smoothly move side to side creating even layers. This will give you even pulling power and eliminate the rope binding.

Winches are designed to be used in a static position. Vehicles, or heavy equipment, with winches mounted on them should be standing still when the winch is engaged. Make sure to slowly real in the slack before turning up the speed and starting a hard pull. Do not be tempted to use the power of the vehicle to tighten the winch cable or you may damage the winch’s braking system.

Before you start winching the material check the cross pin on the hook. Make sure it is securely in place. Double check all connections and how the cable, or rope, is secured. You do not want to have any connections break loose when under heavy load. The cable and connectors can fly at tremendous speeds when snapped loose causing injury and damage.

Stand to the side of the winch and the rope when operating your winch. You want to be out of direct line if something does break loose. Make sure you have a clear line of sight between the load you are pulling and the winch. You want to be able to constantly make sure there is no abrasion occurring to the rope and make sure the load does not get stuck on an obstruction.

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Make sure to keep your hands clear of the cable and winch while it is in motion. Your hands can be pulled into the spooled ropes in a split second potentially breaking bones or even cutting off fingers. Use extreme caution when working near a winch in motion. If you need to release cable, make sure the operator is aware of what you are doing. Never touch the winch until the operator confirms he knows you are preparing to work on the winch or line.

A 5 tons electric winch is easy to operate with simple push button controls, but operating it safely takes training and staying aware. Make sure you observe the few safety guidelines we mentioned above, read your owners manual and use common sense.

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