Overview of Rubber Pyrolysis Plant – Helping Your Recycling Business

Rubber pyrolysis plant is the process of recycling the wasted rubber into a new product that is fuel oil. It can also be called as the rubber recycling plant. There is so many lots of rubber waste available that has impacted a lot to the environment. It is from this that the need to recycle the waste arose and came up with this rubber pyrolysis plant process. The idea of investing in the rubber pyrolysis plant is so ideal. This is because it is able to turn the waste rubber into a useful product.

Rubber Pyrolysis Plant in Korea

Rubber Pyrolysis Plant in Korea

Rubber Recycling Process

The process of rubber oil plant follows given steps that help in ensuring that the end product and the recycling process is successful. The steps include: The rubber waste is first put onto the pyrolysis reactor in an automatic way and heated. The waste is heated up to the maximum temperature that is required. When the heating process reaches the maximum point it turns into oil gas. The oil gas that is generated then flows into the manifold. By doing this it will be liquefied onto heavy oil that will be stored on the tanks. The oil gas that may be formed will be directed onto the condenser where it will be liquefied to form fuel oil and then stored on the tanks reserved for them.

From this process, combustible or flammable gas is formed. The gas is hydro-seal cleaned to remove sulfur from the gas and then recycled back to generate heat that is required in the reactor. The smoke that may be generated from the reactor heating is de-dusted and cooled down within the condenser. Some process like de-dusting, watering by the spray and activation of carbon can be done in this step.

Advanced Technology in Rubber Pyrolysis

The normal technology that is employed in the pyrolysis is able to convert the waste rubber to fuel oil and carbon black with the efficiency of high quality. As for tyre pyrolysis plant, you can also get steel wires. The end products that are obtained from here can be used in various industries to perform various functions. In some cases the pyrolysis fuel can be used in burning in industry, advanced onto gasoline or to diesel. On the other hand carbon black can be used in making of bricks that are used in construction. All the end products from the process are of high demand and can bring more benefit to your farm.

Devices for Environmental Protection in Pyrolysis

In any production, the principle of safety in production is so important. In the rubber, pyrolysis has employed that by having the vacuum and hydro-seal system that ensures that the exhaust gas has been brought back onto the condensation and to the reactor. To add on that the whole process is secure because it has an alarm to alert whenever there is an issue that needs to be addressed and this guarantee safety in the whole process. The dedusting steps are also present in the whole process as from the reactor so as to ensure the smoke and dust has been cleaned. This makes the process of pollution free.

Waste Pyrolysis Machine to South Africa

Waste Pyrolysis Machine to South Africa

The combustible gas that is produced in the whole process cannot be converted into the liquid gas at the normal temperature but the machine is made in a way that they are directed back to the heating reactor chamber so as to avoid mixing with the gas. There is specific operating technology that is used to ensure it has dealt with all the bugs in the whole process of production.

Why You Need to Invest in Waste Pyrolysis Plant

It is economically efficient- it is estimated that there is more profit that is obtained from the whole business when compared to the cost or the amount invested. The end products that are obtained from the whole process are of high demand and therefore can be used elsewhere without bringing a loss to the owner or to the investor. It is environmentally friendly- as we have seen there is a lot of rubber that has been thrown to the environment and hence polluting it. With the process being harmless to the environment it has helped in cleaning and bringing onto use the waste rubber.


Rubber pyrolysis plant is what you need to turn the wasted rubber into a useful one. With this, you can get a lot of profit through the end products that are obtained from the whole process. Beston Machinery has top waste recycling machines for sale, which can also provide you with suitable solutions. Welcome to contact us now!

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